The new electric bicycle is half motorcycle and ...

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upamfva 16 ตุลาคม 2564 , 12:44:33
The new electric bicycle is half motorcycle and half robot

This is da Vinci DC100. According to its manufacturer, DaVinci tech of China, this is a semi electric, high-power two wheel and a half robot, which can balance and drive itself and follow you anytime, anywhere.To get more news about davincimotor, you can visit official website.

The latter is a promise that another Asian manufacturer has been working with vertex H2, a hydrogen engine motorcycle, will be able to be at home or after work when you are at some time in the future.

It has just been listed in China. Its specifications are impressive for road electric motorcycles: a maximum speed of 200 km / h, an acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h in 3 to 4 seconds, a power of 137 horsepower, and most importantly, 400 km autonomy, according to the European consumer standard NEDC.

To achieve this range of action, the battery - 17.7 kWh and 30 minutes of charging - occupies almost all the central part of the bike. The engine is located on the rear wheel, which is fixed by a single arm on its right.

The most impressive thing is his brain. Manufacturers say their algorithms can distinguish situations and automatically adjust the acceleration according to what you are doing.

For example, if you start uphill, as the brake is released and the acceleration process goes smoothly, you will gradually accelerate to compensate. On the contrary, when going downhill, the motorcycle adjusts its speed to optimize balance and energy recovery. According to their creators, their artificial intelligence system can also help you maintain control of the motorcycle in any case and make driving very smooth.