K Type Modular House

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upamfva 16 ตุลาคม 2564 , 14:13:43
K Type Modular House

1,Economically,which is suitable for the economic house and temporary living.Get more news about K-type Modular House,you can vist our website!

2,All is modularization production, very easy to assemble and disassemble, only need to screw together piece by piece at the construction site.

3,Recycled, It can be removable 3-4 time, when they under the normal use.


1) Main Structure:
Pillar: C-steel 2C80×40×15×2.0(50mm Wall Panel)
C-steel 2C100×40×12.5×2.0(75mm Wall Panel)
Ring Beam: C-steel C80×40×15×2.0
Purlin: C-steel C50×40×9×1.8
C-steel C80×40×15×2.0
2) Panel Materials:
EPS Sandwich Panel( Core materials: Polystyrene bubble)
Fire Proof: Grade B2(GB)
3) Technical Parameter:
Wind Resist: Grade 10
Seismic Resist: Grade 7
Roof Load: 0.2KN/m2
Wind Load of Wall: 0.4KN/m2
4) Life Span:
Normal House: 10 years
Hot Dipped Galvanized Processing: 15-20 years