Ңͧѷ պҺ (Alibaba) ѧժ§觴ѧͧչ ǷҧԴ˹ öҧáԨԹѺͧ繡ͺ繡...§ 10 ¹Ѻʹҹ ԸդԴҧ㹺ؤŸ Ҩеͧͧóҧ֡ºҴ ͡ҡԸդԴ֡ ѧеͧǤԴٻѺͧԧ öԹҡԧ ա ͹Թ ôԹáԨպҺͧػäҡ˹ҡ ͹û͡һҡ...áԨҡػäҡҵ й Թèеͧöѭҧը֧йӾҸáԨԹ˹ҵҧҺ Դзҧ 10 ֧¶֧ʹҹ? Դѹ 10 ѹ¹ .. 1964 ¡ѹ ع Դͧҧ § Ȩչ 㹤ͺػҡèչ ¡ҡʴ ͧ 蹴ԹչաûѵѲ »иҹ ͵ا ѷԤǹʵ ʴػҡèչ ླմҧ ١з· ͺǢͧ ֧ͧѹɵáèʹçվ Ժⵢ鹷ҧѹǡѹ ʴⴴ蹷Դἡš仨ҡ硷蹴¡ѹ Ҫͺ¹ѧɡѺǵѹ㹻Ȩչ Ըաâͧҡ ͡ʾٴ¡Ѻ觷˹çТʹ͵Ѥȡͧ蹾١çǵʶҹҧ ԴҨҧ 觷 ö֡ѧҧ ԸդԴͧ § 12 Ǻ! ѧɢͧ բҧѹ ⪤龺Ѻह ͧҧ 觤ͺǹФѡѺ硪 繾 ҷ駪͹ѧ ѧԴ͡ Ǻҹ 蹷 šҧ ੾ѡԹ 㹻Ȩչѧ 㹵͹Դš˹Ңͧͧ 㹢зͧѹҨѴáѺԵͧͧ ҾͺԷͺ ԪҷҤԪҤԵʵ ṹ 120 ͺ 1 ṹҹ Ҿҧش㹻յ ҡöͺ¹Էҧ Էҧ 龺Ѻҧ ԧ ·¹ǡѹ ҧ ԧͧҹͧ͢ 繤繤觢ͧ ੾ͧѧɢͧⴴѹѹ ͧԷ Тͧͧҧ ѧҡ¹ ѡ㨷ͧѴԹ觧ҹԵ¡ѹ Ҫվá¡繤͹ѧɷҶѴѺ͡ѧ ç ҵͺ᷹ҧ §¹Դ͵͡ôçվ Ҩ֧ͧҪͧҧӸáԨ 觤ԴҹҨҡҡ繤 㹷ش͡¹ҪվԴԹҡ Ѻ͹ʹԷ㨴Թá͵駺ѷպҺ 繾鹷͡ҧë͡â¢ͧѭҵԨչ á͵á ⴹ͡ǧ繾ǡ 18 خ ҵͧʹзҢͧԹҷ跴ͧԹŧɳպҺ ҡԹҢ´ 价š ʶҹóբ ׹ɳҢµ鹷ҧ餹ʹѹɳҷҧԹ ÷١һʺ稨ҡɳҫ-պҺ Դ͡ѹҡͻҡ պҺҨ֧觴ѧҧǴ ҷӸáԨ 10 ԹҡҹѺʹҹҷ ҹԵõͧ ҧ´Ǩҧè֧...ҧ
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  POCKETBOOKS - ҧ 10 ʹҹ

Թ: 9786162432026
: è
ISBN: 978-616-243-202-6
DATE: Ȩԡ¹ 2017
PRICE: 130  ҷ
SIZE: 14.3 x 20.6 cm
PAGE: 152  ˹
Ǵ : ѵЪԵؤ
¹ ͧѨ Ѻ
ͧ-ֹ ˭

Ңͧѷ պҺ (Alibaba) ѧժ§觴ѧͧչ ǷҧԴ˹ öҧáԨԹѺͧ繡ͺ繡...§ 10 ¹Ѻʹҹ ԸդԴҧ㹺ؤŸ Ҩеͧͧóҧ֡ºҴ ͡ҡԸդԴ֡ ѧеͧǤԴٻѺͧԧ öԹҡԧ ա

͹Թ ôԹáԨպҺͧػäҡ˹ҡ ͹û͡һҡ...áԨҡػäҡҵ й Թèеͧöѭҧը֧йӾҸáԨԹ˹ҵҧҺ

Դзҧ 10 ֧¶֧ʹҹ?

Դѹ 10 ѹ¹ .. 1964 ¡ѹ ع Դͧҧ § Ȩչ 㹤ͺػҡèչ ¡ҡʴ ͧ 蹴ԹչաûѵѲ »иҹ ͵ا ѷԤǹʵ ʴػҡèչ ླմҧ
١з· ͺǢͧ ֧ͧѹɵáèʹçվ

Ժⵢ鹷ҧѹǡѹ ʴⴴ蹷Դἡš仨ҡ硷蹴¡ѹ Ҫͺ¹ѧɡѺǵѹ㹻Ȩչ Ըաâͧҡ ͡ʾٴ¡Ѻ觷˹çТʹ͵Ѥȡͧ蹾١çǵʶҹҧ ԴҨҧ 觷 ö֡ѧҧ ԸդԴͧ § 12 Ǻ!

ѧɢͧ բҧѹ ⪤龺Ѻह ͧҧ 觤ͺǹФѡѺ硪 繾 ҷ駪͹ѧ ѧԴ͡ Ǻҹ 蹷
šҧ ੾ѡԹ 㹻Ȩչѧ

㹵͹Դš˹Ңͧͧ 㹢зͧѹҨѴáѺԵͧͧ ҾͺԷͺ ԪҷҤԪҤԵʵ 
ṹ 120 ͺ 1 ṹҹ Ҿҧش㹻յ ҡöͺ¹Էҧ

Էҧ 龺Ѻҧ ԧ ·¹ǡѹ ҧ ԧͧҹͧ͢ 繤繤觢ͧ ੾ͧѧɢͧⴴѹѹ ͧԷ Тͧͧҧ ѧҡ¹ ѡ㨷ͧѴԹ觧ҹԵ¡ѹ

Ҫվá¡繤͹ѧɷҶѴѺ͡ѧ ç ҵͺ᷹ҧ §¹Դ͵͡ôçվ Ҩ֧ͧҪͧҧӸáԨ 觤ԴҹҨҡҡ繤 㹷ش͡¹ҪվԴԹҡ

Ѻ͹ʹԷ㨴Թá͵駺ѷպҺ 繾鹷͡ҧë͡â¢ͧѭҵԨչ á͵á ⴹ͡ǧ繾ǡ 18 خ ҵͧʹзҢͧԹҷ跴ͧԹŧɳպҺ ҡԹҢ´ 价š ʶҹóբ ׹ɳҢµ鹷ҧ餹ʹѹɳҷҧԹ  ÷١һʺ稨ҡɳҫ-պҺ Դ͡ѹҡͻҡ պҺҨ֧觴ѧҧǴ ҷӸáԨ 10 ԹҡҹѺʹҹҷ 

ҹԵõͧ ҧ´Ǩҧè֧...ҧ


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